Banned by the local radio station, loathed by the Church and considered out-of-bounds at high schools, Porselynnkas, a Stellenbosch art movement nevertheless executed 34 Poetry Happenings, distributed 21 poetry volumes, made music, broadcast a radio drama and caused anarchic chaos in the theatre community between 1996 and 1999.

Was Porselynnkas a groundbreaking counter-cultural  movement within Afrikaans theatre, like Bitterkomix and Fokofpolisiekar are to art and music?

Or was it just an excuse for dyslxeic poets, starving  actors and dirty musicians to get girls naked?

Join Sjaka S. Septembir as he hunts down the old members  of this group, cream pies them in the face, and explores some serious questions about memory, rebellion and the vigor of youth.


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